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KNF Band Biography

The Klancnik and Friends Band is quickly becoming one of the most dynamic and energetic groups in all of polka music. Specializing in the "Cleveland-Style" of polkas, the band's goal is not only to help preserve this genre, but to further evolve it's distinctly American roots. The KNF Band also represents a much needed movement in the polka field, presenting a group comprised entirely of younger, talented musicians who are completely committed to playing and advancing this unique art form. The band's sound can be very aggressive at times. It has been described as a "Polka Powerhouse" and as being a "Polka Inferno." One critic wrote: "The band totally rocks, with a sound that I would call Neo-Slovenian." In addition to their hard driving polkas, the group also performs several other styles of music that compliments their instrumentation and individual abilities.

The KNF Band is centered around the accordion playing of Brian O'Boyle. A former Duquesne University tamburitzan, Brian's approach to the accordion (and button box) is a blend of numerous and highly varied influences. The addition of Eric Stehle on saxophone and clarinet has certainly taken the band to another level. Eric was born into a polka family, but he has expanded his musical horizons by studying jazz in college. Few vocalists have the power and emotion of Brian Wiater, who also doubles as the group’s front man. Much of the KNF Band’s unique energy is derived from its rhythm section which consists of Jerry Zagar on bass guitar, Ed Rodick III on plectrum banjo and guitar, and Ed Klancnik on drums. On several occasions Adam Bell also performs with the group, adding second accordion and trombone to their live shows.

Many people have started to question the future of American polka music. Although pop culture is constantly changing, great music always endures. As new generations search for something different, they often discover the past. Although each member of the Klancnik and Friends Band has pursued their own musical journey, what has ultimately brought them together is a common desire to play the style of polka music that they grew up listening to. The band's commradery is evident in that it's members travel from five different states just for the opportunity to play with one another. This also shows the groups commitment to play polka music exactly how they want to and with only the best musicians available. Having an average age that is over thirty years younger than most of the groups in their field, the Klancnik and Friends Band will hopefully be playing polka music for decades to come.


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