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Klancnik CD Cover


On October 15, 2005, my father and I were forced to abandon an outdoor project due to a rainstorm. Since I was already set up to do some banjo tracks, we decided to record several of the songs that he had been playing live with his band. Our plan was to pick a few of them to put on what was supposed to be his final CD (which we were going to start working on after Christmas). As many of you know, Gaylord was lost on December 19, 2005 in a tragic automobile accident.I As a tribute to my father, I produced his final project around the 16 accordion tracks he did that day, in addition to some other ones most people had never heard before. There are numerous musicians on this album which include the members of the Klancnik and Friends Band, Joey Miskulin, Adam Bell, Alex Meixner, and several Nashville session players. It is unfortunate that Gaylord never got to hear his final project, because it is easily his finest release.

Sorry, this project is no longer available on CD!


Polka Fever CD Cover


POLKA FEVER Polkas For Charity
"Polka Fever" is a compilation CD designed to raise money for the St. Jude Children's Hospital located in Memphis, Tennessee. Ted Borzymowski, the project's Executive Producer, has stated that $12 from each disk sold will be donated to the hospital. All of the material on this CD are original polka compositions,I written by the artists who are performing them. Some of the biggest names in the polka field appear on this project: Polka Family, Eddie Blazoncyzk's Versatones, Brave Combo, John Gora, and Jimmy Sturr, to name a few. The Klancnik and Friends Band were happy to be a part of this release and our song, "Black Magic" is the first original polka ever written by Brian O'Boyle and Ed Klancnik.

Sorry, this project is no longer available on CD!

Spetich Revisited CD Cover


This CD "revisits" some of the classic recordings made by Frankie Spetich from the 1970s and early 80s. Frankie's original accordion tracks were transferred from the old analog masters and all of the other instruments were re-recorded, digitally, by the Klancnik and Friends Band in 2006. The conceptual idea of Jelse Vos, seventeen of Frankie's best instrumental arrangements were chosen for this project. IThe band consists of Ken Klancnik (saxophone, clarinet), Ed Klancnik (banjo, guitar, and drums), Jerry Zagar (bass) and introduces newcomer, Brian O'Boyle (accordion, button box, piano, organ, trumpet). For those who enjoy the "Klancnik" style of polkas, you will really like this release.

Sorry, this project is no longer available on CD!


Jazz Wagon CD Cover


"Jazz Wagon" not only features the best young jazz musicians in the Detroit area, but the project also breaks new ground by integrating the accordion into the band's aggressive style. The rhythm section is anchored by the dynamic drumming of Nate Winn and is highlighted by the remarkable musical talent of bassist, Darell "Red" Campbell Jr. I Jonathan Dixon's creative and melodic approach to the piano is the perfect compliment to the soulful and sometimes abstract direction of De'sean Jones on tenor saxophone. The addition of world renowned accordionist, Julien Labro, adds an entirely new dimension to the project and provides the listener with a truly unique musical experience.

Hawaii CD Cover


"Hawaii" is a project that was done in collaboration with country music legend "Cowboy" Jack Clement and 3-time Grammy winner Walter Ostanek. It features some of the best studio musicians in Nashville playing Hawaiian music, that is inspired by artists like Elvis and Don Ho. Some of the notable musicians are: Jack Clement (Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Charlie Pride), Joey Miskulin (Riders In The Sky), Tony Paoletta (Jeannie Seely, Dixie Chicks), Dave Roe (Dwight Yoakam, Johnny Cash), Jerry Krahn (Jazz Guitarist extraordinaire), Bob Hatter (Keith Anderson), Jon Human, Ed Klancnik and accordionists Walter Ostanek and Gaylord Klancnik. One of the most remarkable aspects of this recording are the vocals of Jeff Lewis... who gives the performance of a lifetime.

Polkas United CD Cover


Nominated for a GRAMMY in 2005, "Polkas United" is the joint venture of Gaylord Klancnik and Walter Ostanek. It consists of nine selections from The Gaylord Klancnik Orchestra in addition to nine more from Walter Ostanek and his band. There are four original Klancnik tracks and they feature many notable musicians including Joey Schmidt, Peter Soave, Don Wojtila, David Austin and "Cowboy" Jack Clement.I The Director of A & R at Universal South Records, Mike Owens, wrote: Polkas, when played in the style of Gaylord Klancnik and Walter Ostanek, put a smile on people's faces and a tap in their toes. It's a fun and unique sound that everyone should enjoy. After hearing this recording, we are sure that you will agree.

Sorry, this project is no longer available on CD!


Gypsy Djazz CD Cover


Jazz Accordion legend, Art Van Damme wrote: The "Detroit Swingtet" features six of the most talented young jazz players in the country. They compliment the gypsy style of guitar with accordion, clarinet and violin which creates a unique sound that incorporates many various influences. This group has written some very nice arrangements and their playing brings back memories of Benny Goodman and Django Reinhardt.I If the accordion world is looking for a new star... Julien Labro gets my vote! This project focuses on the European-Gypsy style of Jazz, but reveals a great deal of American influence as well. These players represent the finest talent in their field and they all give virtuoso performances.

Sorry, this project is no longer available on CD!


Direct From Nashville CD Cover


"Direct From Nashville" was the first project ever produced by Ranch Recordings and was also Gaylord Klancnik's first solo album. The CD is a combination of live and studio individual tracks that were originally recorded at Fox Ona Run in Nashville from February 27-28, 1998. The project features Gaylord Klancnik on accordion, Richard Kuciemba on saxophone, and Ed Klancnik on drums, bass, banjo and guitar.I It introduced Tina Mitchell on vocals and was also the first project of mine that Jeff Lewis ever sang on. One of the best selling CDs we've ever made, "Direct From Nashville" has 26 songs that consist exclusively of polkas and waltzes. It is a high energy recording and was also the catalyst for everything we've done since.

Sorry, this project is no longer available on CD!


SBE CD Cover


"Screaming Bald Ego" represents a cross-section of several American music genres. All of the tracks on this CD are originals and were written by the performers. At the core of S.B.E. is Tony Paoletta on steel guitar and dobro, Bob Hatter on acoustic and electric guitar and Ed Klancnik on drums, percussion, bass and banjo.I There are several other Nashville session musicians on this project and they are playing songs that are country, rock, folk, polka and even some that are undefinable. Grand Old Opry legend, Jeannie Seely, appears on "After The Fall" and Jeff Lewis is on a song called "Long Green." This eclectic CD was designed to be a fun project for all the musicians who have worked together on other people's releases.

Accordion Italiano CD Cover


This CD showcases 4-time world accordion champion, Peter Soave playing some of Tony Dannon's original compositions. Tony Dannon is recognized across North America as an educator, songwriter and world-class performer.I As a co-founder of Modern accordions, he helped create the Modern Accordion School which taught over 1,000 students a week and won numerous awards. Tony has played on television, radio and even performed at Carnegie Hall. He has recorded with Tony Mottola and written books with Art Van Damme. This project also features Mady Dessimoulie on accordion, Julien Labro on accordina, Ed Klancnik on drums, percussion, guitar and banjo and master bassist Ralph Delligatti on the double bass.

Sorry, this project is no longer available on CD!
Please click here to download this entire album in mp3 format.


Third Generation CD Cover

"3rd Generation" is an experimental project that showcases some of the best young talent in the Cleveland-style polka field. At the time the CD was recorded, everyone involved with the project was 30 years old or younger. The musicians hail from all across America, including the States of: Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Wisconsin.I Greg Drust wrote, "This recording demonstrates the vitality of American polka music. All of these young players were raised in and nurtured by a family of polka musicians and fans that still exists across this great country even today. The importance of this project cannot be over emphasized: Polkas will live forever."

Sorry, this project is no longer available on CD! Please click here to download this entire album in mp3 format.




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