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Ed Rodick III

Ed Rodick III  
Banjo & Guitar

Ed Rodick III was playing music before he even learned to form complete sentences. Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, Eddie followed in his dad’s musical footsteps by becoming a child prodigy on the drums at only 2 ½ years of age. Ed was just four years old when he first appeared on ‘Polka Varieties,’ one of polka music’s most popular television shows. He later took classical piano lessons and taught himself how to play the guitar, bass guitar, and banjo. Ed Rodick III started playing professionally when he was fourteen in his Dad’s legendary group, the Eddie Rodick Orchestra. He has since been a member of numerous other bands, and has performed in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Bermuda. Ed Rodick III has been credited on 30 different recording projects, one being nominated for a Grammy award in 2005. His diverse musical background encompasses several genres of music, and it gives his playing a style that is very unique. By incorporating his rock and country influences into polka music, Ed Rodick III is able to bring a level of excitement to the band that no other banjo and guitar player has ever matched.

Other Instruments:
Bass, Drums, Piano, and Vocals

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